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I wanted to read Thirteen Reasons Why for a few, well, reasons. 1: The plot intrigued me. A girl who took her own life sends tapes to several people after she died, explaining how they contributed to her death? Sign me up. 2: Selena Gomez is going to be in the movie. I like Selena Gomez. Rumors are circulating that Logan Lerman is going to be Clay. I love me some Logan. 3: Suicide strikes a certain personal chord with me. A few years ago, a friend of mine took his own life. I was hoping that in reading this book, maybe I could get some insight on his reasoning. 

Frankly, Thirteen Reasons Why did not live up to my extremely high expectations. I liked it all right, but not as much as I thought it would. However, it was haunting and chilling and tense in all the right moments. You feel yourself wanting to yell at Hannah to not kill herself. You feel yourself cringe for every person who was sent a tape at the thought of them listening to Hannah’s voice come out of the blue.

But one thing you did not do: understand why Hannah Baker committed suicide.

This was the biggest downer for me. Maybe if I hadn’t been personally affected by suicide, I would feel a different reaction. But I just couldn’t grasp her logic and reasoning. Yes, she had a rough time in high school, but don’t we all? We’re all called names and ostracized, but not everyone feels those deep, depressed thoughts.

But I guess the point is that we’ll never know. And that’s because I think it’s different for everyone. But I think the reason Hannah made those tapes wasn’t for the others to hear her story, but for Hannah to hear her own story; to let her listen to all the bad events in her life and come up with a solution.

Sorry for going off on a tangent here. Back to the actual book.

Not a huge fan of the characters. Clay was pretty boring, with no character development. Now that I think about it, not one character displayed any sign of growth – even Hannah. The only reason I really pitied Clay was because I kept imagining myself in his position: what if I unknowingly played a part in someone’s death?

What have we ever done that has affected someone else to a drastic degree?

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