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I had put off reading Insurgent for awhile because, frankly, I wasn’t as enthralled by Divergent as I thought I would be. Don’t get me wrong – it was pretty good, especially the ending; however, for some reason, I just wasn’t yearning to begin the sequel quite yet. Add in hours of schoolwork and a ton of other books on my to-read list, I just couldn’t find the time. 

But alas, I did read it. Did I enjoy it? Well….

Insurgent picks up right where we left off. And because I don’t want to spoil anything, I’m not going to specify “where we left off” is. But I liked how Roth launched us straight into the story. And the story kept rolling from there. I thought it was paced fairly well. There were a few sections about three quarters of the way through that took me awhile to get through, but all in all, I was not bored.

As for the characters, I was not too impressed by the character development. I felt Tris and Tobias never really grew, and eventually their relationship began to annoy me. Was he mad at her? Did she feel betrayed by him? Were they even still in love? I had absolutely no idea. Both of the characters (especially Tobias) vacillated so much during the novel that it was difficult to keep up.

I liked getting to know more about each faction. It made me wonder even more as to what faction I would be in. Maybe Erudite (but not the evil ones); definitely not Dauntless; I’m not selfless enough to be Abnegation. Honestly, I think Candor sounds like the best faction: no lies, no insidious remarks, no deceitful plots. What do you think you would be/like to be?

I would have liked to find out more about the history of the land of factions, but (as the ending suggests) we will find out in the next book. Would I have liked to learn more about the background earlier? Absolutely. Will I be furious if my questions are never answered? For sure. Because I find it increasingly difficult to read a book set in a dystopian world that could “potentially” happen, that I do not find realistic at all.

Here’s hoping my wishes will be granted in fall of 2013.

p.s. Remember to leave in the comments what faction you think you would be in!

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