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What a beautiful book! Saving June tells the story of a Harper Scott, whose older sister, June, took her own life. Her estranged parents want to split up the ashes for themselves, but Harper and her best friend, Laney, decide to take matters into their own hands. They embark on a long road trip to California, a place where June had always wanted to go, and dump the ashes into the sea. A mysterious boy from June’s past, Jake Tolan, accompanies them on their whirlwind adventure. 

I really really enjoyed this book. It was funny, poignant, sad, and thought-provoking. My favorite character was definitely Laney. She was funny, outgoing, a little bit crazy, but was so loyal and kind to Harper. While I liked Harper, I thought her character was a bit all over the place. One minute she was smiling and laughing, and the next she was yelling at Jake. I guess I should give her a break since her sister had just died… but Jake was pretty much the same way. I never knew what he was going to say or how he was going to react. I also thought that the whole mystery surrounding how he fit into June’s life was very anti-climatic.

The story had me really engrossed. I didn’t want to put the book down, even when I was up at midnight knowing that I had to wake up early the next morning. I kept wanting to know what misadventure Harper, Laney, and Jake would have next. I would laugh out loud at the stops they would make, especially Fridgehenge. Then, I would be on the verge of tears when Harper would have a flashback to her sister’s death. There was a little bit of everything in Saving June, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

But my favorite part of the book was how Harrington incorporated music into the story. Jake works at a record store and has the most amazing collection of albums. He plays all different kinds of music during the voyage, each song really striking a chord with Harper and even the reader. Harrington really did an excellent job selecting the right songs and music for the right moment.

Saving June was really a great read. Engrossing, touching, amusing – I was never bored. I will guarantee that after reading this, you will be itching to look up all the music Jake played and listening to it yourself.

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